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Trying to figure out where the relationship with oliver and felicity is going. Since the fourth season of arrow began, fans all know that oliver queen stephen amell will be out for revenge somewhere this season. Arrow season 4 breakup of oliver and felicity only meant. Charlotte ross, who plays felicitys mom, is a bright bubble in an. In fact, that word happy was key for the end of the season for oliver, though he wasnt able to fix every relationship upon returning to starling city after some of the things he was forced to. Arrow may be about saving the world and protecting star city, but its also about one other big thing. Its farfetched as hell, but would ultimately be one hell of. Olicity is no more in season 4 of the american superhero drama tv series arrow on the cw as stephen amells oliver queen and emily bett rickards felicity smoak have called it quits after felicity discovered all of olivers lies.

Felicity smoak arrow dead why oliver queens fiance is. This article contains spoilers for arrow season 4 so far up to episode 9. By now, arrow fans have probably seen the promo hinting at a smooch between felicity and ray. Who was in the grave at the end of arrow season 4 episode. The midseason finale for season 4 of arrow really left audiences shocked myself included. Arrow is an american superhero television series developed by greg berlanti, marc guggenheim, and andrew kreisberg based on the dc comics character green arrow, a costumed crimefighter created by mort weisinger and george papp, and is set in the arrowverse, sharing continuity with other arrowverse television series. Executive producers talk about whos dead, lian yu flashbacks, oliver felicity proposal and more. He was seen standing in front of a grave, vowing to avenge the death of whoever is lying six feet under. On arrow season 4 episode 10, oliver sets our to find damien darhk to make him pay for what he did to felicity. Did arrow season 4, episode 9 prove to be a midseason finale to remember.

Arrow revealed felicity s fate in episode 410, blood debts, but our tech guru isnt out of the woods yet. Arrow finally revealed whos in the grave cinemablend. On arrow season 5 episode 20, oliver and felicity were stuck under the lair and had to find a way out before it was too late. Arrow vs ras al ghul full fight from season 03 e09 the climb fall season finale duration. Arrow season 3 has ended, and it ended on a happy note. At the end of arrow season 4 s midseason finale dark waters, felicity was badly wounded during damien darhks attack. Schedeen of ign welcomed felicitys new role as ceo in arrow season four. He gives oliver and felicity a moment to talk and then has his men drag. Following the arrow season four fall finale on dec. For those who missed it, the season opener finds oliver and felicity enjoying the blissful domestic life away from. Season 4, episode 18, elevenfiftynine, reveals which member. Olivers life as a vigilante and with felicity are complicated by his mayoral run and the discovery of the existence of his son, william jack moore. Rick and morty season 4 part 2 episode titles tease an epic 2part finale.

A new arrow teaser is here and fans of oliver and felicity will have a lot to talk about the 20second seasonthree promo opens with oliver hinting that he still has secrets before it cuts to an. Watch felicity season 4, episode 18 time will tell. After olicity fell apart at the end of season 4, felicity moved on, and in the. But its important to embrace your roots before she was a ceo, overwatch, or the potential future mrs. Arrow january 21, 2016 there is so much to discuss when it comes to the arrow winter premiere more on that later tonight, but we wanted to enter this article focusing on one primary goal. The series premiered in the united states on the cw on october 10, 2012, with. A recurring episode opener of the show is a stark camera shot of felicity sitting in a dormitory room or apartment holding a tape recorder, recalling events in order to make a cassette tape to send to an old friend named sally reardon voiced by janeane garofalo. Arrow season 4 felicitys father revealed, how will.

Part of me thinks that it might be the mother of his son. Arrow season 3 episode 5 delved into the history of felicity smoak. Following rays supposed death in the season three finale, felicity is. Ok, it is march 23, 2016 and i am writing this answer. Felicity smoak may just be the most valuable member of team arrow. Here are 23 times felicity was the superhero of arrow. In the wake of a recent stateside promo that teased a dire diagnosis. The secret origin of felicity smoak, didnt really reveal any secrets about felicity smoak at all. The only people who were officially out of the running were oliver, barry, and eventually felicity. Part 2 subscribe follow me on twitter follow me on instagram. At least one theory about the fate of arrow s felicity following her being shot in the fall finale has itself been shot down.

The episode starts off peacefully enough with a clean up the bay event. The final moments of the arrow season 4 premiere had oliver and barry at a fresh grave, though we never saw who it belonged to. On the day that she receives an invitation to noel and zoes wedding, she catches ben kissing a. Felicity emily bett rickards seems to be ready to give her romance with oliver stephen amell another chance in the upcoming episode of arrow. Theres no denying that the arrow season 4 premiere was chockfull. This occasionally provides a method for felicity to narrate an entire episode. Shes a hero in her own right and has probably the largest fanbase of any character in the arrowverse.

Arrow s05e022 felicity and diggle got kidnappedoliver joins malcom. Felicity megan smoak, also known by her code name overwatch, is a fictional character in the. We saw some post grave scenes in one of the episodes where she is sitting in the car. After standing up against damian darhk and proposing to felicity, all seemed right in the world of oliver queen. Felicitys mother, donna smoak, is introduced in the episode the secret. As most of the answers have already pointed out why one of these two could be in the grave, ill tell why the others cant be. Her mother, donna charlotte ross said something was wrong. Felicity emily bett rickards seems to be ready to give her romance with oliver stephen amell another chance in the upcoming episode of. Felicitys real fate just leaked from the set of arrow. Is oliver queen fully capable of loving someone else. Whichever felicity chooses, fans will have to find out when arrow season 4, episode 19 airs on wednesday, april 27, at 8 p. Season 4 episode 9 dark waters oliver proposes to felicity, she accepts. And as they leave, darkhs men ambushes olivers limo.

And this is the mother of all never know whats coming nexts. Oliver is on a quest for vengeance in the midseason return of arrow. Although oliver managed to drive away from the assailants, felicity was shot, leaving her fate in question as the show went on its hiatus. At the end of arrow season 4s midseason finale dark waters, oliver and felicity were attacked by damien darhk s soldiers after a campaign party.

Arrow season 4 finale oliver kills damien darhk the. If you like tvline, youll love our weekly newsletter. He is not in the grave as the 7th episode of legends of tomorrow revealed that deathstroke junior killed diggle which means he survived the fourth season. I kind of hope they address the elephant in the room in that felicity was a shit ceo and they use this as an opportunity for walter to return.

That is, until oliver is leaving a press conference and darhks men showed up and shoot his car, with felicity inside, full of bullets. After that major cliffhanger at the season 4 premiere of the cws superhero drama tv series arrow, fans may already be anticipating whats to come in the new episode which is expected to air this week. Now, we know the truth, and arrow is never going to be the same. Oliver drives and escapes but finds felicity bleeding to death. Welcome to r arrow, a subreddit about the comicbook tv series starring stephen amell. The following contains spoilers from this wednesdays episode of arrow.

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