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Rt during defrost show the real temperature from probe t1. Factory temperature control setting gives refrigerators an approximate temperature of 35f 1. On a cabinet with a knob from 0 to 9 the lower the number the warmer the setting. However, with any machine that runs for hours and hours, some hiccups can pop up over time. True t23 installation manual pdf download manualslib. The temperature is controlled by a lae microprocessor control with digital temperature display. This controller features three relays, which are often set to run fans, a compressor and a defrost control schedule.

Our knowledge of lae products is secondtonone, enabling us to provide our customers with detailed advice and technical support. In 2004 changes were made to the programming of both the aac and ssb controllers. Step 2 locate the temperature control and note its setting. Lae electronic control infoset point manual defrost button down button how to change the set point may need to unlock control. Mcdu 111 and mcdu 112 lae microprocessor digital temperature controllers november 2000 page 3 2. Models ssb professional and tempguard series refrigerated kitchen equipment hoshizaki america, inc. Learn how to configure the lae ltr5 thermostat, which features a single relay and probe. Unplug the cabinet or turn the lae control to off per lae instruction sheet. The refrigerant is distributed into the evaporator which is controlled by capillary. Co 121 how to check the cutin and cutout operation of a temperature control step 1 disconnect the power to the cabinet. For operation explanation please see one of the following options. Programming an lae at25 digital controller youtube.

The industrys widest variety of refrigerated display merchandising solutions for supermarkets, retailers, beverage companies and convenience stores. Learn how to configure an ac15 digital controller from lae electronic for use with two relays, one for a compressor and the other for a heater. True 219716 temperature controldisplayprobe kit, lae. Programming an lae ac15 digital controller youtube. The lae control will cycle the compressor but may also cycle evaporator fans on and off determined by the setpoint. Programming an lae ltr5 digital controller youtube. Thats why plenty of restaurants, hotels and cafeterias rely on these units 247. Unbeatable prices and exceptional customer service from webstaurantstore. Lae temperature control true food service equipment, inc. The lae control will cycle the compressor but may also cycle evaporator fans on and off. The temperature control may cycle the compressor and evaporator fans on and off together.

This cabinet operation is being controlled by an electronic temperature control. Lae electronic control lae control icons compressor running evaporator fan running cabinet in defrost activation of 2nd parameter set na alarm na infoset point manual defrost manual activation stand. During normal operation, the display shows the temperature measured by probe t1, handled by the microprocessor so that its displayed in off table 2. Com danfoss electronic temperature controls product advisement determining the type of electronic control display reason for advisement both danfoss and lae electroinc controls utilize similar digital displays. True refrigeration troubleshooting matthew g commercial refrigeration, troubleshooting june 4. Thank you for having chosen an lae electronic product. Fdt evaporator air temperature difference120 to 0 t2 t1 temperature difference for the fans to turn off when the compressor is off. Refer to your owners manual or the owners manual on the website for control setting in the operation section under the heading mechanical control sequence of operation. Find oem true 9955 temp control, lae bit25b1s3wh replacement part at parts town with fast same day shipping on all instock orders until 9pm et. Learn how to configure an at25 digital controller from lae electronic. When the compressor is off, the fans switch on and off according to parameters f1, f2, f3. Wait 5 seconds for the display to show temperature. The temperature control should be set at midrange, about 5. Mechanical temperature controls sequence of operation.

The lae control will cycle the heating elements on and off determined by the setpoint and differential temperatures. True tuc27 installation manual pdf download manualslib. The differential is the non adjustable preprogrammed temperature. At higher temperature or humidity conditions, the performance of these.

The manual defrost frequency will depend on the units usage, environment, and the amount. View and download true tuc27 installation manual online. True 9955 temp control, lae bit25b1s3wh parts town. Freezers defrost time clock operation temperature control high altituded. True is a mainstay in commercial refrigeration, cooling everything from beverages to key ingredients with ease. The thermostat operation is determined by the value programmed to hys. Order from heritage parts the leading online provider of oem commercial kitchen replacement parts. Find a manual for the lae at25 and other lae digital controllers at.

Insert the controller through a hole measuring 71x29 mm. The high temperature units use r4a refrigerant, whereas the lowfreezer units use r404a. All the refrigeration systems are integral with an aircooled condensing unit. All points 461547 temperature control with 27 12 capillary 2 to 42 degrees fahrenheit. Uk distributor of lae electronics controllers hawco.

Locate the lae controller display on your specific case. We have been supplying highquality thermometers, digital controllers and defrost controllers from lae for nearly 20 years as their exclusive uk distributor. The temperature control is sensing the coil temperature. The true refrigeration 988283 077b6827 temperature control kit is a genuine oem original equipment manufacturer replacement part. A m o n g these factors, the electrical installation is the most important and should. The setpoint is the adjustable preprogrammed temperature. The compressor will be cycled off when the actual box temperature reaches its set point. With inp sn4, the probes must be the lae models sn4 with inp st1, the probes must be the lae models st1.

Bmgtmg 27, 48, 52, 74, 80 lae controller installation. A permanent indication on the display shows that the outputs are off. Lae electronic temperature control general sequence of operation. Our used 2 door freezers, used 3 door freezers, used 2 door coolers, used 3 door coolers manufactured by true and beverage air are compl. True manufacturing company tgu2 installation manual pdf. There are several factors that will affect the proper operation of your true unit. For over 65 years, true refrigeration has been an industry leader in commercial refrigeration and has maintained high standards. We specialize in used commercial coolers and freezers. T1 air temperature, t2 evaporator temperature tim time based control.

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