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The beautifully decorated nomos calibre xi is shown off on the reverse through a sapphire crystal caseback. Furthermore, i have the possibility to revoke my consent by using the unsubscribe link in. Many who travel throughout the world have to frequently readjust our watches for a new time zone when arriving at our destination. Nomos glashutte watches official north american partner learn more about nomos glashutte watches. A worldtimer, like the impressive new one from vacheron constantin, shows the wearer the time of day in at least 24 different time zones simultaneously. A german timepiece fashioned for college grads the new. As well as a proprietary escapement, the nomos swing system. Gmt plus, are based on the nomos glashutte inhouse built calibre xi. Others watches of the year 2014 by james buttery on march 16, 2015. Glashutte original watches have a history that began in 1845 when ferdinand adolph lange, master watch maker in the town of glashutte began with a vision of creating high precision elite watches in. This preowned nomos zurich world timer 805 watch is in excellent condition. By partnering directly with the brands we carry, we guarantee 100% authenticity of everything.

Today we look at the very first nomos with the new swing system, the metro. Ever since i first saw the nomos zurich weltzeit watch at. Nomos glashutte watches are known for their understated design and clean. As its name suggests, the metro is a wristwatch meant for the city, which is why it feels more modern and playful than most nomos. Although nomos glashutte is a relatively new watch brand they were founded in 1990, they have garnered a huge fan base. Ace jewelers and nomos glashutte have teamed up for the third time to create a limited edition wristwatch. Online since 1999 the most trusted name in luxury watches. Nomos glashutte tetra neomatik noms glashutte watch. Autobahngerman engineering in a large watch nomos glashutte. Like a select few other nomos watches, it features their unique gangreserve power reserve complication in addition to a. Equipped with the nomos swing system, this watch reveals the time everywhere in the world with the push of a button. Nomos glashutte mens watches nomos glashutte uk stockist. Zurich world time with images nomos watch, beautiful watches.

The awardwinning nomos tangente collection developed in 1992 reflects the brands. Shop for nomos mens nomos635 tangomat gmt white dial black leather strap world timer german made automatic watch. I hereby agree to receive the newsletter of nomos glashuttesa roland schwertner kg in order to be informed about the latest products and sales promotions in the webshop at. Nomos glashutte offer a number of collections which pay tribute to their remarkable skill and incredible expertise. Nomos glashutte zurich world time midnight blue dial watch. A while ago, i wrote an article about my top 3 favorite world timer watches click here. Nomos watches and nomos usa nomos glashutte watches. During our quality control check, any necessary adjustments are made to ensure the watch is functioning as intended. Simplicity strikes a chord in watchmaking design that is unheard of in any industry. The watch displays time around the world using the patented world time function that uses a single pusher to change time zones. A great deal of tradition and craftsmanshipcombined with hightech, where this serves precision. Nomos zurich weltzeit nachtblau 807 nomos glashutte luxury. Nomos glashutte watch true blue worldtimer 807 watch.

Zurich brings prizewinning understatement to the wrist, combining elegant design with complex mechanics to make a striking impression. Nomos zurich worldtimer watchfaces for smart watches. Sydney, denver, moscow, alaskaairport codes denote the 24 time zones in tangomat, and are helpful even when youre at home but, for example, in a longdistance relationship. Travel around the world and back with a few clicks. The model zurich world time midnight blue features a stunning blue dial.

I n this post, i want to talk about the tangomat model from nomos, which is a larger and automatic version of their classic tangente model with the inhouse. Features of this nomos glashutte gmt watch include seconds, minutes, hours, second time zone, world time, and a 42hour power reserve by. Nomos glashutte and ace jewelers introduce the zurich. Click here to download our media pack to learn more about print and. Nomos watches all prices for nomos watches on chrono24. Duw 5201, nomos swing system, worldtimer function, 24hour indicator, 42hour power reserve. Watches that track multiple time zones are more relevant than ever. Automatic calibers, handcrafted by nomos in glashutte, are at the heart of this watch modelwhich also comes in a world time version. The allure of this timepiece is that it seems effortlessly stylish, neat and. Nomos glashutte zurich world time timepiece is presented on a black leather strap. The nomos metro debuted alongside the swing system in 2014. Alongside the most classic of all nomos calibers, the handwound alpha. Nomos timepieces are made by hand exclusively in glashutte. Two months ago, when we first heard word of a new dial color for the nomos zurich worldtimer, two things were certain.

Tangomat gmt white dial black leather strap world timer german. Industry specialists, the brand leads the way in innovative watch design, as our. Tangomat gmt knows the time where you are and everywhere else in the world. Nomos has released a stunning true blue version of its zurich worldtimer, a watch featuring 24 timezones. Nomos glashutte is a german watchmaking company based in glashutte, saxony, which. This automatic caliber is equipped with a world time and 24hour display. From doha to denver, and from rio back home in the push of a button. When appraising the exterior of the nomos glashutte tetra neomatik, two words often come to the fore. Produced in our glashutte workshops according to the traditions of the watchmaking craft, this caliber tells the time with precisionboth at home and in 23 other time zones.

That is not something that can be said, however, of world timers or gmt watches, which are. Zurich world timer true blue zurich weltzeit nachtblau combines 24 watches in one. While the majority of the nomos models reflect a minimal, bauhausinfluenced aesthetic, the nomos worldtimer displayed a more complex, varied, somewhat more whimsical look that fit its complication as a world timer showing the local time in two places simultaneously, from a choice of 24 global time zones. While the majority of the nomos models reflect a minimal, bauhausinfluenced aesthetic, the nomos worldtimer displayed a more complex, varied, somewhat more whimsical look that fit its complication. This is where the watches are designed, where the famous nomos look is. Zurich world time reference 805 6,100 usd remember compare.

The hodinkee shop is an authorized retailer of new watches from a growing but carefully curated set of brands. Nomos glashutte zurich world time midnight blue timepiece is presented on a black leather strap. True to their roots, nomos builds up to 95% of each. Equipped with the nomos swing system, this watch reveals the time everywhere in the world with the. Handson with the nomos zurich worldtimer true blue.

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