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The crosslinguistic variation in the gestural representation of the swing event has the same pattern as the variation in the linguistic packaging of information about the event. Tenseaspect morphology in the advanced english l2 variety. Its approach is broadly functional typological but makes frequent reference to work in formal semantics by scholars such as angelika kratzer and paul portner. You might shouldnt say that 53 the second class of english auxiliaries, the modals, is unique among related languages. This might be linked to the highly grammaticalized form these modal markers take in many languages, as modal verbs or auxiliaries. One problem faced by pargram was that the semantics of tenseaspect could not necessarily. Information structure in russian sign language and sign language of the netherlands. The degree semantics parameter and crosslinguistic variation the standard degree analysis of gradability in english holds that the function of degree morphology, such as the comparative, measure phrases, and degree adverbs, is to bind a degree variable located in. Crosslinguistic variation in imperfectivity springerlink.

The notion of temporality taken in a broad sense covers both temporal and aspectual linguistic elements. This book offers original theoretical accounts and a wealth of descriptive information concerning modality in presentday english. I english language the years work in english studies. Event semantics with continuations for incremental. Description most formal semantic and pragmatic work is done on indo european languages, especially english. In 5, l is the type for events, s is the type of situations, p is a variable. This article is written in a very confusing way for example, there is the sentence the distinctions made as part of lexical aspect are different from those of grammatical aspect, usually relating to situation aspect rather than viewpoint aspect, when neither the term situational aspect nor viewpoint aspect had ever been brought up anywhere. Tense, aspect and coercion in a crosslinguistic perspective. The book proposes a new formal framework that models crosslinguistic and crossconstructional variation in noun modification constructions. Tense, aspect and modality categories in romani, stuf. Introduction this paper explores how lexical semantics can be approached by direct crosslinguistic comparison of contextually. This perspective on modality allows for the integration of covert modality as well as peripheral instances of modality in neglected domains such as the modality of insufficieny, of attitudinality, or neglected domains such as modality and illocutionary force in finite vs.

It shows that while the omission of aspect markers is the predominant error, errors of commission are. Aspect marking and modality in child vietnamese jennie tran and kamil deen university of hawai. Tense and aspect stanford encyclopedia of philosophy. The first was the observation that the grammatical morphemes for mood, tense, aspect and voice enter a syntactic hierarchy to which the order of these morphemes in the various languages conform. Pancheva 3 the theory defended here is a weak version of the xn theory 2. We showed that a uni ed syntactic account of evidentiality is possible in azeri, bulgarian, and persian, where evidentiality interacts with tense and aspect. The complexity of tense and aspect systems, the crosslinguistic variation in. D 1975, studies in the syntax of relative and comparative clauses, ph.

The topic of mood and modality mod is a difficult aspect of language description because among other reasons the inventory of modal meanings is not stable across languages, moods do not map neatly from one language to another, modality may be realized morphologically or by freestanding words such as adverbs, and it interacts in complex. The majority of these studies find that nativelike temporal and aspectual systems are attainable for. Crosslinguistically viable treatment of tense and aspect in. Cognition, universal grammar, and typological generalizations. However, only few studies combine semantic and typological research for a particular semantic domain such as the papers in bach et al. Tense, aspect and modality categories in romani tense, aspect and modality categories in romani matras, yaron 20010601 00. This book brings together formal semanticists with a crosslinguistic perspective andor those working on lesserknown languages, and typologists interested in semantic theory, to discuss semantic variation in the specific domain of tense, aspect, and mood modality. Particularly investigating the questions of whether tense plays a role in malayalam and the nature of finiteness in malayalam and dravidian. This item appears in the following collections faculty of arts 21715. Semantic construction for nominal expressions in cross.

Request pdf modality, subjectivity, and semantic change. Our study is rooted into the longlasting tradition of crosslinguistic functional. In crosslinguistic semantics of tense, aspect, and modality ed. The modal verbs can and may in english and spanish. This book brings together formal semanticists with a crosslinguistic perspective andor those working on lesserknown languages, and typologists interested in semantic theory, to discuss semantic variation in the specific domain of tense, aspect, and moodmodality. The syntax, semantics, and pragmatics of japanese and chinese linguistic insights. Traditional approaches, current challenges and new tools. This paper argues that the challenge from sfps is inconclusive since the evidence for the head status of sfps is lacking. The interdependency of tense and aspect temporality is an essential feature of sentences in most languages and its grammatical expression through morphology is obligatory in many languages. Crosslinguistic views on tense, aspect and modality. As with nongenerative studies, the main focus of these generative studies is the acquisition of tense and aspect distinctions. Crosslinguistic semantics of tense, aspect, and modality. Temporal interpretation and crosslinguistic variation publish.

In english, where there is a readily accessible linguistic means to package the change of location and the arcshaped trajectory, speakers gestures represent change. Her publications are on tense, aspect, and conditionals. These verbs, listed by palmer as can, could, dare, may, might, must, need, ought, shall, should, will, and would,4 lack the flexibility exhibited by nonmodal have and be. It is thus necessary to combine the knowledge of the two disciplines in order to establish. Electronic publications 80974 freely accessible full text publications plus those not yet available due to embargo. If you had a personal account on the old platform, click here. The universal structure of categories by martina wiltschko. Because aspect interacts with tense, modality, and other linguistic systems see dahl 1985, and because it functions at the level of discourse to some extent see hopper 1982, it is challenging.

Introduction and rolecentered approaches to lexical semantic representation part i. A crosslinguistic, crossmodality study elena benedicto, pinhsi chen, kwaku oseitutu and neda taherkh ani. This short note on discourse structure completes our article on tense and aspect. In the standard language, they are restricted to finite uses yet show no overt agreement morphology. Under the terms of the licence agreement, an individual user may print out a pdf of a single chapter of a title in. Turning to the semantics of tense and aspect, the same holds for 1d. A crosslinguistic perspective this book deals with the issue of subjectivity and intersubjectivity in modality from a synchronic. The paper discusses the universality of the finaloverfinal condition fofc. In this example, semantic interpretation is impossible because the past morphology of the auxiliary is incompatible with the adverb morgen tomorrrow, which locates the reference time in the future. In recent years, we have witnessed, on the one hand, an increased interest in crosslinguistic data in formal semantic studies, and, on the other hand, an increased concern for semantic issues in language typology.

Crosslinguistic semantics of tense, aspect, and modality edited. Possession and dativelocative alternation with hany babu m. Issues in the semanticspragmatics interface current research in the semantics pragmatics interface current research in the semantics pragmatics interface. Only a small, but growing, number of formal semanticists are involved in descriptive and typological linguistics involving languages from other continents and some promising work has already been done on topics such as quantification, number, tense, aspect, and modality. Pdf annotation of tense and aspect semantics for sentential amr. Modality and language modality is a category of linguistic meaning having to do with the expression of. This book is a crosslinguistic exploration of semantic and functional change in modal markers. And nicolle concludes that what defines grammaticalization is the addition of procedural information to the semantics of an expression. The author starts by considering what modality is and how it relates to and differs from subjectivity. In his approach, lexical items encode conceptual information, while discourse markers, pronouns, and tense, aspect, and modality markers encode procedural information chapter 32. Topics of investigation include compounding, verb complementation, tense and aspect, as well as a range of word order phenomena, such as passive constructions, focusfronting, and right. The framework it offers enables readers to explicitly map word structure to syntactic structure, providing new insights into, and impacting upon, all current theoretical models of grammar.

Crosslinguistic variation in the semantics of comparatives. Crosslinguistic comparison and experimental evidence from basque. Randall has been quite vocal in critiquing the traditional approach to the hebrew verb e. It has been proposed that sentencefinal particles sfps in chinese may invalidate the universality of fofc. Overlap in the classification of verb forms by semantic class and grounding status. Modality in contemporary english roberta facchinetti. In cinque 1999, some crosslinguistic evidence bearing on clausal grammatical encodings was presented to this effect. Aspect languages languages differ with regard to which semantic dimensions tense, aspect, tense and aspect they grammatically encode in form of spezial morphemes, auxiliaries etc. First, let us clarify some aspects of the modal semantics we propose in 5. Review of crosslinguistic semantics of tense, aspect, and modality, eds.

Macmahon is professor of phonetics at the university of glasgow. This dissertation offers a grammatical description and analysis of manda n. The study focuses on the wider tam domain,n how tense, aspect, mood but also modality and. The degree semantics parameter and crosslinguistic. Modality and language mit massachusetts institute of. Pdf it has been shown that, at least in certain languages, tense is represented in. If the temporal markers in some languages are actually nominal aspect. After an introductory chapter that provides an overview to theoretical issues in tense, aspect, modality and evidentiality, this volume presents a variety of original contributions that are firmly empiricallygrounded based on elicited or corpus data, while adopting different theoretical frameworks. At the same time, it provides fresh impetus to more general linguistic issues such as grammaticalization, colloquialization, or the interplay between sociolinguistic and syntactic constraints. Semantic construction for nominal expressions in crosslinguistic perspective emily bender, markus eggy, and michael tepper university of washington and yuniversit at des saarlandes 1 introduction we discuss a case of typological variation which potentially constrains the design of the syntaxsemantics interface. The syntax of evidentials in azeri, bulgarian, and persian. Grammatical elements such as mood, modality, and negation were included in amr 1. Sabine iatridou, elena anagnostopoulou, and roumyana.

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